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Image used to illustrate the CrossFit® Open 2021 by showing 2 people practicing CrossFit®.

This year, the Open will be somewhat different from what you have experienced so far. To adapt to the health context and to facilitate the integration of more athletes, CrossFit® has made changes to the format of its competition.

Here are the major changes to the 2021 CrossFit® Open:


Foundations and equipment-free versions are available

In addition to the standard “Rx’d” and “Scaled” options you are already familiar with, there are two additional formats.

“Foundations” is for those who have not yet mastered all the basic CrossFit® movements. The main objective of this new category is to integrate beginners who would like to take their first steps into the world of competitive CrossFit®.

In order to adapt to the health context, CrossFit® also offers for the first time an “equipment-free” version for those who would like to participate in the Open but who cannot go to the box or get the necessary equipment at home. The wods offered will not require any equipment and all you will need is a space that is clear enough to move around without discomfort.

To advance in the competition, participants will be ranked in descending order as follows: “Rx’d”, “scaled”, “foundations” and finally “equipment-free”. Thus, as in previous years, the lowest ranked competitor in “Rx’d” will be ahead of the highest ranked athlete in “scaled”, and so on. It is important to note that athletes who choose the equipment-free versions of the Open will not be able to reach the quarter-finals in any case.
to the quarter finals.


Additional Divisions for CrossFit® Open 2021

One of the great novelties of the Open 2021 is the arrival of the “adaptive” divisions. These 8 new divisions aim to fully integrate people with disabilities into the world of competitive CrossFit®. These 8 divisions were created to group athletes according to their abilities to ensure the fairest possible competition. Note that there will be no age divisions for these categories this year.

If you would like to know more, here is
an article on the “adaptive” divisions of the Open 2021

CrossFit® also comes
to announce the creation of two additional divisions
We have also added two new divisions: men and women between the ages of 60 and 64, and men and women over 65. These new divisions will create more homogeneous groups within the seniors.

In the end, no less than 36 different divisions will be offered to individual competitors at the 2021 CrossFit® Open:

  • Men and Women
  • Boys and Girls 14-15
  • Boys and Girls 16-17
  • Men and Women 35-39
  • Men and Women 40-44
  • Men and Women 45-49
  • Men and Women 50-54
  • Men and Women 55-59
  • Men and Women 60-64
  • Men and Women 65+
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Upper Extremity
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Lower Extremity
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Neuromuscular
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Vision
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Short Stature
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Seated Athletes (with hip function)
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Seated Athletes (without hip function)
  • Men and Women Adaptive: Intellectual


The return of the Affiliate Cup Team competition

The year 2021 marks the return of the Affiliate Cup Team competition. Teams of at least 2 men and 2 women practicing CrossFit® in the same box will compete to determine who is the “fittest box on earth”. This division will be in addition to the 36 individual divisions mentioned above.


Quarter-finals & semi-finals

CrossFit® has decided to revamp the competition this year by creating quarter finals and semi-finals.

A large number of athletes will have the opportunity to reach the quarter finals: 10% of the best individual competitors of the CrossFit® Open 2021 and 25% of the best teams, for each continent. The quarter finals will be held online for 1 week, during which the athletes will have to perform different wods from their local box.

The most successful competitors will be able to advance to the semi-finals. They will be held in physical form on each of the 6 continents, and will be organized by CrossFit® partners. The best athletes in the semi-finals will win their ticket to the Games.

Here is the map showing how the different continents will be divided and where the semi-finals will be held around the world.


Map showing the location of the different CrossFit® competition semi-finals around the world


Two semi-finals will be held in Europe:
one in Germany
, while
the other in the Netherlands.


Age-group online Qualifer

Based on the score obtained at the Open, the athletes in the top 10% of their age group will advance to the Age-group online Qualifiers. As with the Open, this competition will be held online and competitors will be required to submit their scores and/or videos.

Registration for CrossFit® Open 2021

The clock is ticking and the Open starts in just two weeks. If you want to participate, there is still time to register on
the official website
of CrossFit®.

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